AAPG’s Induced Seismicity Conference

Date: 13th-14th February 2014

Venue: Thistle Euston, London. UK

AAPG is proud to announce the second conference on Induced Seismicity hosted by the European Region. This exclusive 2-day conference will bring expert seismologists from academia and government together with executives from the oil and gas industry to explore the key issues in this fast-evolving field:Hear from the authors of reports on induced seismicity

Understand the mechanisms which allow different energy technologies to cause seismic events

Learn about the latest microseismic monitoring technologies

Discuss how operational decisions may be affected by the occurrence of seismic events

Network with industry associates and our expert speaker line-up


  • Rodrigo Del Potro, ESCAL UGS, the operator of the CASTOR UGS offshore Spain, is attending to present the seismicity registered in the area of the UGS Castor showing the results of the studies that have been carried out.
  • Claudio Chiaraba, Head of Earthquake Department, Istituto Nazionale de Geofisica Vulcanologia will be giving an overview of Induced Seismicity in Italy, with Conference Chairman Peter Styles focussing in on the Ferrara Earthquake Study.
  • Richard Luckett, BGS delving into “Induced Seismicity in Lancashire”
  • Professor Gillian Foulger will present “Knowledge gained from four decades of geothermal exploration and production”

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It has long been known that impoundment of reservoirs, surface and underground mining, withdrawal of fluids and gas from the subsurface, and injection of fluids into underground formations are capable of inducing earthquakes, but to what extent?

International Commission of Hydrocarbon related activity:

Focussing on the severe seismic sequences that occurred in Northern Italy, May 2012, causing over $16 billion worth of damages from two major earthquakes and a large number of aftershocks in the Bologna, Reggio Emilia and Rovigo provinces. Discussing in depth the relationship, if there is one, between the onset of the seismic activity and the hydrocarbon activities which occur in the region.

Onshore and Offshore? Induced? Seismicity? – Lancashire

Recent exploration for Shale gas in Lancashire has led to the debate as to whether the hydraulic fracturing causes earth tremors. Induced Seismicity can be caused by various human activities, but is fracturing the main cause in this region of the UK, or could it be tremors due to the history of mining in the region?

Offshore gas storage – Castor Gas Field in Spain

Using a depleted oil field’s reservoir for 50 days worth of gas storage would seem like a good idea for a country that is 99% dependent on LNG importation. However, since work has begun on the Castor Oil Field, seismic activity has not been far behind. In September 2013, over 300 earthquakes struck the Gulf of Valencia. Is this Induced Seismicity? There are 3 other underground gas storage plants in Spain, none of which have any seismic activity record near them.

Reservoir Impoundment

Often in close proximity to a dam, Induced earthquakes due to reservoir impoundment can be caused by the slightest of shifts in stress, E.g. the Auburn Dam, but can also be caused due to stress transferred from other earthquakes. What percentage of seismic activity in these areas is related to humans?

Micro Seismic monitoring: developments in geophysical technology of this passive method of monitoring micro earthquakes and seismic activity due to human and industrial activities, forming a continuous 4D record below the surface.

Global challenges

Different countries bring different laws. Whether it is restrictions in hydraulic fracturing, land ownership disagreements and mining rights, they all link back to the peaks and troughs in the research into Induced Seismicity and where to lay blame. We delve deeper into each of these case studies as we bring public opinion up against the facts of science in a range of case studies.

For further information on the programme please contact Francesca Ghigi, Conference Producer, AAPG Europe

E: fghigi@aapg.org

T: +44 (0) 207 434 1399


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4th January
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