Young Professionals

Meet the AAPG Europe Young Professionals:

Samuel McLay

Young Professionals Representative of AAPG European Region

Sam is currently working as a development geologist for Chevron in their Aberdeen office and has previous industry experience with both small independent oil and service companies. He graduated from Imperial College London in 2010 receiving an MSc in Petroleum Geoscience and also holds a BSc in Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh. Sam gained early exposure to the oil and gas industry growing up in Aberdeen and this combined with a passion for the outdoors made geosciences an easy career choice.

Sam became a member of the AAPG as an undergraduate and first actively got involved with the society when he joined Student Chapter committee at Imperial College. During this time he helped to organise guest lecturers, careers and social events. After starting full-time with Chevron, Sam took up the position of Young Professional President in Aberdeen with the goal to rejuvenate interest in the AAPG in Europe’s oil capital. Over the past four years the Aberdeen YP chapter have held numerous networking and education events bringing together up to YPs from various companies across the city. The YP chapter has worked closely with the student chapter to engage those making the transition from academia to industry and has also formed excellent ties with the PESGB YPs. Sam has now holds the post of Young Professional Chair for the European Region and is determined to ensure that AAPG makes a lasting impression amongst the developing geoscientists in Europe!



Erik SensErik Sens - YP Netherlands

President of the Young Professional Committee of AAPG/PGK in the Netherlands.

Erik studied Geology in Utrecht. After graduating in 2010 he started to work for FUGRO FEBV as a geotechnical engineer. In 2011 Erik joined DataCo Ltd. as a Subsurface Data Analyst, working as contractor in an Exploration team for Shell.  In July 2013 he started to work directly for Shell.

In 2012 he joined the PGK (Petroleum Geologische Kring) which is a Dutch organization similar to the AAPG.  He saw an opportunity to resurrect the PGK/AAPG young professional organization.

With the AAPG-PGK YP chapter he brings together early career workers in the petroleum industry, with less experienced students and more experienced industry professionals. So far the AAPG-PGK YP has organized a Career path workshop, a geological walk in Amsterdam and a CV workshop and there are already many ideas to organize more events.  Through the activities of this organization Erik hopes to help students and young professionals interested in the Petroleum industry to network in an informal way



Alex Alex_OrbellOrbell

President of the Young Professional Committee of AAPG in London

Alex is currently a Geoscientist working at Tullow Oil. After completing his BSc in Southampton he went on to do geotechnical consultancy work for 2 years before enrolling on the Petroleum Geoscience Masters at Royal Holloway University and graduating in 2010. Following the masters he started working for Tullow Oil and met a number of AAPG members at a YP networking events. They mentioned a need for more committee members and he thought it would be fun to get involved, initially starting as treasurer I secured funding for a rugby tournament, 5 careers events and several networking events in 2012-13 and have now taken up the position of AAPG YP president (London). The committee plans to keep running careers events to encourage people to start a career in the industry and networking events to continue to spread the AAPG YP word and we are excited at the prospect of further success and continuing to add fresh ideas to the industry YP scene in London in the years to come.





Tilden McKean

 Tilden McKean

President of the Young Professional Committee of AAPG in Norway

Tilden studied his undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh, initially convinced that a career as a mud engineer was the best route for him, having wanted to enter the oil industry for as long as I can remember.  Upon realizing that my initial thoughts on my career had been skewed by a subconscious aversion to geology caused by two geologist parents (and realizing that I was generally mediocre at Chemistry), Tilden switched to a Geology BSc.  On finishing, I moved back down to the south of England to read for an MSc in Petroleum Geoscience at Imperial College, London, finishing his studies his  2012, completing a  thesis in dolomite geochemistry, proving that time spent learning is never wasted.

Upon graduating Tilden was offered a job on the Statoil Graduate Program, and is currently working as an operations geologist, specifically working in development wells on the Snorre Field, a Statoil-operated field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, concerning himself with pore pressure, rock mechanics and general day-to-day geo-operational work, as well as stints working wellsite getting his hands on some actual rocks from time to time.  In his spare time Tilden enjoys cycling, hill walking and skiing.


  Peter Heath

 Peter Heath

Aberdeen Young Professionals AAPG Representative

Peter is currently working as a geologist for Chevron in their Aberdeen office and has previous industry experience in both junior exploration & global integrated oil companies. He graduated from Imperial College London with a MSc in Petroleum Geoscience and also holds a MSci in Geology from the University of Southampton. Peter was first introduced to the oil & gas industry through participation in the AAPG Imperial Barrel Award, where the fast-paced & interdisciplinary nature of work sparked interest in an upstream career.

Peter has been involved with the AAPG for five years, and took over leadership of the Aberdeen Young Professionals (YP) committee in early 2015. He is keen to continue strengthening ties within the wider YP community, whilst also encouraging those who have previously benefited from the AAPG to ‘give something back’ through engagement with local universities & those new to the organisation.



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