The European Region is now accepting advertisements for the European Region Newsletter (ERN). Please keep in mind that this newsletter’s purpose is to increase communication for the geological community of the Region.

The Editor has the right to refuse any advertisement that does not support the purpose of the newsletter. In addition, advertisement printing priority is based on the date of the reception of advertisement. This is due to the limited space for the electronic reception of the newsletter. Although the ERN will try to include all that is sent for that issue, some advertisement might need to be postponed until the next issue because of this limitation. If the latter situation should occur, ERN will let you know as soon as possible.

No remuneration is required for advertisements from Affiliated Societies or AAPG family members within our region.

Advertisement Pricing and Size:

Actual Size
Front Page
Random Inside
Eighth 27.75 x 21.875 $50.00 $ 25.00
Quarter 55.5 x 43.75 $75.00 $ 35.00
Half 111 x 87.5  Not applicable $ 75.00
Full 222 x 175   Not applicable $100.00

To insure a quality product, the following guidelines for electronic submission of advertising are offered:

The European Region Newsletter (ERN) is produced using a Windows operating system to the PostScript industry standards using Adobe InDesign® page layout program. It is published quarterly and electronically. The months of issue are March, June, September, and December. All art work and copy needs to be received by the 15th of the previous month that the newsletter is due out, i.e.: November 15 for the December issue.

Please send your ad as early as possible, as space for advertisements is limited based on size of the PDF file to be created for electronic submission. The front page will be limited to one quarter-page ad or two eighth-page ads, or any combination of no more than a quarter page and is based on a first come, first served basis.

Please remember that since this document is sent electronically to most readers, the original colors on the advertisement will vary based on screen resolution, video card usage, and printer interpretation. Therefore, we can not guarantee your color selection will be seen as intended.

Page layout files:

The ERN does accept page layout files from Microsoft Word (MSW). However, do not embed graphics into MSW. Graphic files must be sent separately as described above.

Since everything is done on my system which does not have the depth of fonts as AAPG does, please submit files where type is converted to outlines or is embedded in the raster image.

Importable graphic files:

The ERN prefers EPS, TIF or .JPEG files. EPS files must have text converted to outline by the advertiser to avoid font problems.

Canvas or Corel users must create TIF or EPS export files and should be aware that lithologic patterns and some type fonts are unstable and do not always export into Postscript as desired. After creating an export file, a printout should be made to ensure that the file is printing correctly. Type must be converted to “outlines” to avoid font conflicts.

PDF files are not acceptable as an importable graphic – only as a point of reference.

Photo or picture files should be saved at the industry recommended resolution of no larger than 300 pixels per inch at final output size. PLEASE do not save an image at a size that has to be reduced or enlarged. It is a waste of computer memory and processor output time. As a PDF is created, most images will be reduced in resolution to between 150 to 120 dpi.

Avoid using generic names to label files. All supporting images should have file names that include the prefix of the initials of the advertiser’s company. EXAMPLE: geologo.eps; geoseismic.tif; geofigure1, etc. Do not label your ad “AAPG or ERN ad.”

Electronic submittal checklist:

  • Document
  • Supporting art files
  • Printer fonts
  • Color or black and white proof of advertisement

Mode of submission:

Email only, except for verification print.

  • File compression:

WinZip self-extracting archives are acceptable

NOTE: In all cases, a hard copy proof of your advertisement is required.

For questions or assistance, contact:
Karen Wagner , Editor


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