1st Core Workshop, Keyworth, UK

5th – 6th November 2014, BGS Core Store, Keyworth, UK
The “Explore The Core” series will allow participants the freedom to examine specially selected cores, with expertise accessible throughout. Whilst having the core immediately available for intimate assessment, a series of associated talks will expand upon the significance of the stratigraphy shown.

On the 5th and 6th November 2014, the AAPG presents a unique opportunity to examine a Mississippian sequence first hand, in it’s broader geologic and economic context. Speakers will be invited to present on topics ranging from pore-scale to basin-scale and beyond, including some key analogues from elsewhere in the world.

The technical workshop entitled “The Mississippian World: Shakes and Cyclothems” will look at strata ranging from organic-rich shales, to karstified carbonates and pro-delta fabrics. Speakers from Universities and Industry will combine to elaborate on this cycle of palaeoenvironments that are gaining renewed significance within the geological history of the UK.

Email europe@aapg.org for registration. 

APPEX Global 2015, London

3rd – 5th March 2015, The Business Design Centre, London
AAPG Europe are delighted to be hosting the 8th APPEX Global conference & Exhibition after the most successful year to date in 2014. The conference welcomed over 700 attendees and more exhibitors than ever before.

What to Expect?

Discover thousands of exploration products and services from around the globe.
Meet, discuss and negotiate with global decision makers; from international organisations through to independents, as well as financiers, governments and NOC’s.
Connect with properties, prospects and clients from around the globe – find the next deal first.
Explore a programme of regional and topical speakers to keep you on top of worldwide trends and discoveries.
Acquire new ideas, information and insights, and stay ahead of your competitors


Face-to-face contact is the most cost-effective way to visit with existing clients and find new customers. The APPEX exhibition offers 100+ stands for companies to cost effectively market and showcase their deals as well as their company and its international project expectations. Vendor and services companies are also welcome. Stands will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Prime locations go fast, so be sure to reserve your space early. Contact Fionn Devine to book your booth now!

Contact the Europe office for enquiries.

3P Arctic 2015

3P Arctic 2015






3P will be returning to Stavanger in 2015. Since the launch of 3P Arctic in 2009, this bi-annual conference and exhibition has focused on the geological history and exploration potential of the Circum-Arctic Basins.

Ensuring that the event is led by the important foundations of science and exploration in the region, and not by political considerations; the Polar Petroleum Potential Conference and Exhibition has built an enviable reputation as the leading geoscience event for this demanding and icy region.

The previous three editions of this event were held in Moscow, Halifax and Stavanger. In 2015 we plan to repeat the show in Stavanger. The previous editions focused on high quality scientific presentations, exploring the most up to date developments in the region. In addition they facilitated fantastic networking opportunities for companies and individuals to build important relationships and to develop their knowledge of this vast area. This will continue to be the aim for the upcoming event in Stavanger.


Save the Date – Sicily 2015

Join us in Sicily, 16th-17th April 2015
“Fractured Reservoirs: Geological, Geophysical and Engineering Tools to Crack Them”
Fractured reservoirs represent both a challenge and an extremely valuable hydrocarbon resource. The conference will focus on several aspects of fractured reservoir characterisation and it aims to bring together geoscientists and engineers from the industry and academia to share knowledge, lessons learned and to discuss options for future research. The session themes aim to span several scales of observation from the micro to the regional scale and draw on experience from different tectonic settings.

Aberdeen Oil Finders Lunch

Aberdeen Oil Finders Lunch

5th June 2014
Beechgrove Suite
at the Atholl Hotel,
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
AB15 4YN
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The May Aberdeen Oil Finders Lunch is sponsored by Azinor Catalyst.
The Undistinguished Lecture* victim for the month of June is Nick Terrell, Executive Director, Azinor-Catalyst with his talk title:

“Azinor Catalyst – The New Kids on the Block”


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